5 Gigantic Influences Of Pot Legal Michigan.

According to a recent survey, 61 percent of people in the United States believe marijuana should be legal in all 50 states.  This is happening mainly because of the high number of states currently legalizing it, and Michigan just legalized it on November 6th! However, many still don’t know about this decision or what it means for the state. In today’s blog post, we’ll talk about five significant influences of pot becoming pot legal michigan. We’ll start with historical context before discussing how this issue can impact your local economy. Last but not least, we’ll give you some insight into what kind of things you should expect from this decision.

History of Pot Legal Michigan.

The use of marijuana was made pot legal michigan by the state’s voters in 1968, 44 years ago. This means that Michigan has been the last state to make it legal. Even though cannabis was outlawed and possession became an offense, there were still plenty of reasons for people to gather and make the plant at home. This meant that there was still a demand for hemp, a plant grown for its textile fibers and other uses, but it is also naturally high in CBD oil. In short hemp is just as good as a pot! Hemp can be used to make clothes, oil, and paper. So the high demand for this product is still high. Since the ban on cannabis was lifted in Michigan. There are supposed to be many new jobs created by industrial hemp production.

Will The New Pot Law Affect Your Local Economy?

The economic impact of pot becoming legal in Michigan is predicted to be over $20 million in sales tax revenue. This didn’t just happen overnight. Though, it will be the result of over five years of hard work by a group called MI Legalize. Without this organization and its campaign efforts, marijuana still would not be legal today. It is already said that $6 million was spent on their “campaigns”. This included all their rallies, events, and other activities throughout Michigan. They have been fighting for decades for cannabis to become legal for recreational use and have even organized two unsuccessful ballot campaigns in past years.

Why Could Early Legalization in Michigan Have An Impact?

Michigan is among the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational use, even though it has been legal in many places worldwide for years. One of the reasons why they are so early is that they have organized a ballot and can vote on laws, just like we do with our members of Congress. This meant that if voters knew that they could get their hands on cannabis shortly, they might have voted differently. Future elections may have been different as well. If this ballot was successful and voters approved it, the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in all 50 states may have come sooner.

Here Are The Five Big Influences Of Pot Legal Michigan!

1. Marijuana Legalization In Michigan Will Have A Huge Impact On The Economy

Even though it’s still early, the economic impact of pot legal michigan is already seen. As we mentioned above, $20 million is predicted to be made off sales tax due to this decision. However, other numbers show that this number could grow much more significantly! Another study indicates the state will make over $200 million by 2020 off pot sales if they can keep up with demand. If that happens, Michigan will become the country’s 11th-largest economy. This is amazing, considering this state has only been deemed 3rd to the size of its economy!

2. The Legalization of Recreational Marijuana Will Have A Huge Impact On Employment in Michigan

This could be a big deal for Michigan since it will add thousands of jobs to the state, especially since people can already make money from selling marijuana in other states. It would also mean people with drug convictions could get their records cleared! Michigan will be one of the most significant users of marijuana in all 50 states. Therefore there will be plenty of competition for these jobs, which means more money for everyone! This will be one of the most significant impacts on employment in Michigan.

3. Marijuana Legalization Will Have A Huge Impact On The Medical Use Of Cannabis

This is excellent news for residents of Michigan that have a medical need for marijuana since they will no longer have to find ways to grow their own or purchase it illegally. Medical use of cannabis has been proven to help with many ailments. Such as cancer and glaucoma, so this will also be a significant benefit. Furthermore, people have turned to marijuana as a way to deal with chronic pain without taking dangerous painkillers with adverse side effects. Since it is now legal in Michigan, this also means that doctors will be able to prescribe it for their patients and can study its effects.

4. Pot Legal Michigan Will Have A Huge Impact On Law Enforcement in Michigan

One of the main reasons police officers were against legalization in the past was because they believed more of their time would be spent “catching stoners” instead of criminals and upholding justice. This is a valid concern, especially for a state like Michigan, where over 170,000 arrests are made each year for marijuana-related incidents. Now that it’s legal, police can focus on other things instead of arresting people for cannabis. Instead of issuing tickets for drunk driving. There is now a strong possibility that officers will issue tickets for more alcohol-related severe crimes.

5. The Legalization Of Marijuana In Michigan Will Have A Huge Impact On Traffic Safety

Teens have been under a lot of pressure since marijuana became pot legal michigan, and this is especially true when it comes to driving safety. This can be good because they are not likely to go after smoking marijuana, and as long as they abide by the law. There won’t be anything wrong with this. However, there are still concerns about what this will mean for teen driving. Finding a safe way for teens to get home after smoking pot is still challenging, especially at night.

There have even been incidents where teens have gotten behind the wheel and caused accidents or even killed someone. It still hasn’t been proven that driving under the influence of marijuana is as dangerous as drunk driving. But it still may not be wise to trust teens to make the right decisions when it comes to driving. Especially if they are under the age of 21.


The legalization of marijuana in pot legal michigan may have come a little later than some people would like, but it is still well-welcomed by many. This will have a significant impact on everyone in the state, no matter what their views are on the subject. It’s already been shown that it can also greatly benefit the overall economy. There are still many things that need to be worked out with laws and regulations. Especially when it comes to minors, but hopefully, this will all take shape nicely. It’ll be a while before we see any significant changes or improvements due to this decision. There are still many unknowns regarding how the first few years will go.


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