Everything You Need To Know About Edibles In Michigan.

For many new adult cannabis consumers, edibles can be a confusing topic. Every year, more and more states are passing laws that allow for the use of cannabis in the form of edible such as brownies, cookies and candies. Edible are a popular choice for many because they have a delayed effect. Rather than just feeling the effects of inhaling cannabis, edible provide consumers with an extended high that can last several hours.

But before you even think of buying any cannabis edible from a dispensary, it is essential to learn some essential facts about edibles. Here are five things you need to know about cannabis in the form of edible.

1) Edibles are an excellent choice for medical patients.

While it is more common to hear of people consuming pot in the form of smoking, edibles are an excellent alternative for patients with difficulty inhaling or swallowing. Some states have specific laws that allow medical marijuana families to use edible such as brownies and cookies. These strains known as “low potency” because they provide the same cannabinoids as smoking but require much less smoke intake to get a similar high.

2) Edibles will not get you high after one serving.

Many people might be surprised to learn that it will take multiple servings of an edible before you can feel the effects. When you consume an edible, it takes about 30 minutes for your entire body to feel the effects. It can take more than an hour to feel the full effects. Even if you take a larger dose of an edible, it may not register stronger, depending on your body weight and metabolism.

3) Edibles provide a long-lasting high.

If you have consumed a cannabis edible and have not yet felt the effects after one hour or more, be aware that edibles will often provide consumers with a long-lasting high lasting up to four hours or more. Those who consume edible regularly know you should start with a smaller portion and wait until the high wears off before taking additional servings.

4) Edibles are not recommended for beginners.

Those who are new to edible marijuana can have a difficult time figuring out the proper dose size. While some edible products provide information about the recommended serving size. It is best if a beginner starts with a smaller-sized brownie or cookie rather than one of the larger-sized ones. Stick to your portion sizes and use extra caution when consuming edible to prevent feeling uncomfortable with high effects.

5) Edibles can have more potent effects than regular joints.

While edibles are an excellent choice for medical marijuana users and beginners. It is essential to remember that they are more potent than traditional joints. Consuming edibles will likely feel the effects much sooner than if you smoke a joint. Those who cannot feel the full effects after an hour may want to wait a little longer before taking one or more servings.

Once you know more about marijuana edible and what they can provide consumers with high-quality cannabis products. It may be time to try some edibles for yourself. Be sure to check out your local dispensary for all of your cannabis needs!


Edibles are an excellent choice for many cannabis consumers, but it is essential to know the facts before you decide to consume them. First and foremost, edibles can provide consumers with a high that lasts much longer than when marijuana is smoked. In addition, edible will not get you high after one serving. Instead, you may need to wait an hour or more before the full effects of an edible kick in. Moreover, It can have more potent effects than regular joints. New users should start with a smaller portion rather than one of the larger-sized brownies or cookies.


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