The term leefy is a term referring to anyone who has an interest in leggy-ish, or slim-ish women. It may be a word we use when we want to get away from the “typical” femmefied woman. However, at its most basic level, leefy refers to any body shape or size. However, it is also used to describe any interest in any kind of body shape or size.

So what exactly is leefy? Well, it’s a term I’ve heard a lot of men use to describe a woman with a body shape that, while not overtly slim, lacks the curves of a curvy woman and is not too bulky. A woman like these types of women aren’t leefy. They are leefy-ish.

I hear this term a lot in women who are interested in men. But theyre also a lot of women who dont like slim body types. Theyre not leefy-ish. Theyre leefy-ish.

The term leefy is short for leefish, which is really just a different word for “leeches.” It is used to refer to any woman who is interested in men. If youve got a leefish face, a leefish smile, a leefish body shape, or a leefish personality, youre leefish.

I hate the term leefish, but if it is used about women like me, I will use it. Its just easier.

I’m leefish.

Ive been leefish since age seven, and leefish has always been a part of my personality. Ive always liked slim women with a little body fat and a nice smile, and have always been leefish. This is just me, though.

I had a friend once who had a very bad case of leefish. She was very tall and skinny, and she had no boobs. Her body was so fat that a guy would have to take a dump on her to get her to move, so he would have to lift her up to him and he would have to do it with his thumbs.

It’s a fact that some leefish tend to become fat, because they have to balance their own weight and energy levels and they have to be careful not to overdo it. A leefish who spends too much time in the gym will go into a fat state and it will take a while for them to return to their normal size.

The leefish we’ve seen in the trailers tend to have large muscles but very little fat. They’re like the leefish with the “skinny” body. But this leefish was much more than what we’ve seen before. She was actually an average sized leefish with a beautiful and very muscular body. She had a tattoo of a leefish on her left arm.

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