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I’m all for legalization, but I’m even more for legalizing it as a lifestyle. It’s a drug that has its own rewards, and doesn’t give you any special perks when you use it, but it does offer you more opportunities to connect with your fellow humans.

My first experience with smoking weed was in the early parts of my college days. There was one particular fraternity that had a house where students could smoke pot in the house. I was one of the few smokers, and was completely hooked. I have never smoked weed since, but I still smoke weed everyday, and it actually makes me feel like I’m “doing” something.

If you want a better idea of what you can do with weed, check out the above link.

I have been smoking weed every day since then. So far I have been smoking weed every day for a month and a half now. I actually think I have a pretty good idea of what I am doing. Weed will keep me from getting bored and depressed while I am on the path to getting a new job. Weed is also what keeps me from getting all the stress out of my system. When you are stressed out, weed helps.

Weed is also what keeps you from getting bored and depressed while you have your job. But there are other elements to weed that make it an excellent stress reliever too. For one, weed seems to help your body recover from a stressful situation by reducing stress hormones. Two, weed is one of the few things that can help you to stay focused on what you are doing.

If you smoke weed, you won’t notice your stress levels go up when you’re stressed out. But if you smoke weed every day, your body will get used to it and you will feel more relaxed every day.

So why do so many people smoke weed? It’s not just because it’s legal in most states. It’s because they smoke weed to get high. They smoke weed to feel high. It is possible to get high without going on a wild binge. There is some truth to the old thought that “smoking weed helps to increase your mental capacity.” It is also possible that some of the effects of drug usage are due to a direct interaction between the drug and the brain.

The thing is, it isn’t hard to be high these days. A lot of people smoke weed these days, which is nice because it gets them high. However, some people can smoke weed every day. They go to the gym, they workout, they go on a hike, or they do a lot of other things that make them feel good. That’s cool too.

You could smoke weed every day, it’s a very good thing for you. However, some people smoke weed every day. They go to the gym, they workout, they go on a hike, or they do a lot of other things that make them feel good. That’s cool too. -I really like the idea of you smoking weed everyday. Its good for your mind as well as your body and it can also be quite fun.

Well, you can smoke weed every day, but I would never advise it. In fact, I would probably be more worried about a person who smoked weed every day, because that would mean they had no boundaries. A person who regularly smoked weed would be like a person who has a really bad addiction to tobacco cigarettes.

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