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Things To Keep In Mind When Visiting a Dispensary

Things To Keep In Mind When Visiting a Dispensary

Everything has its first time, including visiting a cannabis dispensary. For newbies, the experience can be overwhelming, but that is understandable. Depending on the states and rules, getting the product can be exhausting with the variety of products sold. In the states where cannabis is legal, they have regulated products sold in licensed stores called dispensaries. 

This does not mean that the products you will find in the store are guaranteed to be the right product. So make sure before buying your products you have enough details about the product store and any other required information. Below is a list of things to keep in mind when visiting a licensed dispensary.

Do not Leave Behind your National ID

It won’t be fun if you visit your dispensary and are escorted back outside because of a lack of ID. The monitoring of the dispensary is very strict, and therefore, to ensure that the buyer is an adult, you must produce your national Id. This applies to even the regular customers, so always carry your national ID with you to obey the mandates to avoid unnecessary disappointments. 

In some dispensaries, you will show your ID at the entrance depending on where the product is. So, if it is your first visit, keep in mind that you will produce your id multiple times before you have the product.

Carry Cash

You might as well carry your ATM card with you, but to be on the safe side, bring your money. Few dispensaries allow the usage of cards, but most of the dispensaries allow cash only. Withdraw your money from the bank and carry some cash with you to your dispensary. This will even save you time in case the machine starts to delay. Having money is also essential because you will tip your budtenders after your purchase for a bit of appreciation.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

There is a reason why there are budtenders in the dispensary. Feel free to pop up your questions whenever you feel like it. Any Massachusetts dispensary would be happy and ready to help. Asking questions is also important because you will learn the new products in the market and the strains that the cannabis dispensaries are cultivating. Share your side effects, if any, with your experts. They will recommend the right product for you with their skills and knowledge. Don’t be shy. Simply ask!

Do a Research of Their Products Online

Just like how you Google particular food in a restaurant online, check what your dispensary sells online if they have an online platform. Researching your product online will reduce your chance of freaking out and knowing exactly what you want and what the dispensary offers. To even limit the number of customers in the stores, some dispensaries have their customers order online. If you are an intimidated person, ordering online can be a good start before gaining the courage to visit the dispensaries.

Be Patient

Due to the different products sold and the various questions multiple buyers ask, it is best to be ready for a bit of a wait. This is not usually the case, you might get served immediately after you get in the dispensary, but other times you have to be patient because the expert budtenders have to serve their customers. During peak season where the budtenders are busy, you can keep yourself occupied in the waiting room by reading the dispensary product menu or preparing yourself some questions which you have been dying to ask once you get the chance.

Don’t Use Your Phone in The Dispensary

To ensure that you are focused and getting the correct information that your budtender is giving you, ensure your phone is in the pocket. Some dispensaries don’t allow the use of phones in their store, so be discipline enough and keep your phone away. The unread text messages can wait till your purchase is over.


After your dispensary visit, ensure you enjoy your weed. Learn something new from a reputable store that you visit regardless of whether you are a newbie or a regular customer. Remember to relax and ask questions of concern and have a good time!


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