When to start growing weed outdoors?

There are many factors to consider when deciding to grow weed outside. The most important thing you need to consider is if you have a place outside to grow weed. If not, it’s a good idea to start learning how long it takes your plants to reach maturity and when they will be ready for harvest. Knowing how long your cannabis plants take before reaching maturity versus how long they will take in the flowering stage is essential when deciding whether or not it’s time to plant the seeds of your dream marijuana garden outdoors or indoors. When you start growing weed outdoors, the best time of year to do so is in spring. Growing weed outdoors in spring is easy because you can start doing so before the harsh summer sun begins its reign.

Which Is The Best Season For Growing Weed Outdoors?

Start Growing Weed Outdoors in the spring makes it easy to start your plants early and get them well on their way to maturity. The best time of year to grow marijuana outdoors is in spring because you can start growing your seeds early before the hot summer temperatures set in. Starting your plants earlier means you’ll have a more extended period to let them grow and a more significant number of sunny days for them to consume as much sunlight as possible. Spring weather is also ideal for growing weed outdoors because it’s cool enough for the young cannabis plants but warm enough that they won’t wilt and die.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Weed Outdoors?

You’ll know when it’s time to start growing weed outdoors when your plants are in vegetative growth, and they’re much more significant than when you first put them in their indoor grow lights. Once your plants have grown at least 2 feet tall, it’s time to start thinking about transplanting them outside to a permanent place. It’s also important to remember that the size of your garden should be at least 50% larger than the number of marijuana plants you plan on having. Each cannabis plant will need at least 4 square feet of open space to bind correctly.

Here Are The Some Steps You Need To Follow While Growing Weed Outdoors.

The Best Time To Plant Outdoor Weed Seeds

As mentioned above, Start Growing Weed Outdoors garden in the spring or early summer is best. This is because you’ll have an extended growing season to work with. The best time of year to plant outdoor seeds is from May through July, but planting outdoors in the summer can be done as late as October. Depending on where your garden will be located, you’ll want to choose a spot with at least six hours of sunlight each day. 

This means if you’re planning on having a 20-square-foot garden indoors, you’ll need at least 20 square feet of outdoor space for optimal growth. It’s important to note that even though you’re planting outdoors, your cannabis plants will still need an indoor area to live in during the winter months.

Selecting The Best Spot To Plant Seeds Outdoors

Have you ever wondered why cannabis plants grow so much faster when they’re Start Growing Weed Outdoors compared to when they’re grown indoors? A big reason for this is that the sunlight is free, and the climate is just right for them. When planting seeds outdoors, try selecting a spot that receives both morning and afternoon sun and a few hours of the evening sun.

Watering  Your Plants Before Start Growing Weed Outdoors

When planting out your seeds, it’s essential to water them daily for at least two weeks before you can expect them to sprout. Do this by squirting water onto your soil daily and using a propagation medium (a mix of peat moss, perlite, and vermiculite that helps cannabis seeds germinate). When watering outdoor plants, avoid overdoing them because this can cause the roots of the plants to rot. So keep an eye on your plants when watering and only use as much as is needed.

Taking Care of Your Plants Outdoors

When growing weeds outdoors, taking care of your plants as best is essential. If you want your plants to be successful, you’ll need to give them plenty of sun and water. Try watering the plants twice a week and putting them in different spots each day, so they get a little sun in each spot. This will help prevent any root problems or plants from getting too much sun heat, which can harm your cannabis plants and lead to reduced flowering rates. Good soil drainage is also important because too much water will cause your cannabis seeds to rot. When planting weeds outdoors, be sure always to use fertilizers when they’re needed.


Choosing to grow your plants outdoors has many benefits. One of these benefits is that you’ll be able to watch your plants grow each day and harvest them when they’re ripe and ready. You’ll also be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor without worrying about ventilation and lighting, which are other reasons people start growing marijuana outdoors.

Whether you decide to start growing cannabis outdoors or indoors, it’s always essential to use proper cannabis growing techniques while doing so. It’s also important to keep a journal where you can record everything associated with your cultivation process, including what worked well and what didn’t work out so well.


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