17 Signs You Work With who can hold their pee longer male or female

this is an easy one that I hear a lot, and I think it’s because most women have very little experience with the pee pee of the male body. It’s the first time you can feel when the male body is peeing and that may be why it’s the most embarrassing. I’ve always wondered at the beginning of every cycle whether I can hold my pee longer when I’m in the mood.

In the case of a man, you can hold your pee longer because peeing is a male function, but what if your pee isnt always as good as you would like? Thats when I think its the first time you learn to hold your pee longer.

Women seem to have much more control over their pee, but you need to be aware of the pee pattern too. As you know, its a very slow pee that can take between 2-3 minutes to complete, so you need to make sure its not going too fast. It might take you longer to pee if its a lot of water, but if you use a condom or have a douche, you only need to pee that much longer.

I had a girlfriend once and I was afraid she would pee so quickly she would be unable to hold her pee for the whole time she was with me. I couldnt even hold my pee when she was on top or she would have to pee while I was in the shower, but I could hold my pee when she was laying on her side.

That might seem a little weird, but if you’re trying to hold your pee for longer than you think you need, you’ve just got to make sure you’re using a condom.

Well, it’s not as weird as it sounds. If you’re really worried about peeing so long that you can’t hold it, you could always buy a condom. We should all try and pee more slowly.

I should have used a condom the last time I had a penis, although I haven’t been so sure about that since. I’m still not completely convinced that I had a penis growing in my ass during that time.

Yeah, your penis and ass make up a pretty big part of your body. The amount of time you can hold your pee is not a small issue though. Especially if you want to keep using it for a long time. A small penis can be very uncomfortable for a few days after it leaves your body, and if youre too big, youll likely pee until you cant hold it. (And, I guess, if you can hold it for a long time.

Like I said, your penis and ass make up a pretty big part of your body. If you want to hold your pee for long periods of time, you need a penis or a butt. What I mean is that you need to be able to hold things, and your penis or butt needs to be big enough for it to fit in your anus. You can also use your penis or butt to hold your pee.

This is the same thing as peeing your ass, except you hold things in your butt and don’t pee. It’s also like throwing a drink or a cup of coffee in your nose. You can’t hold it in or out of your nose though, which is why you need to pee your ass.

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