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In the realm of mathematics and computer science, algorithms play a crucial role in solving complex problems efficiently. One such problem involves calculating the expression A^4 + B^4, where A and B are integers. In this article, we will delve into the algorithmic approach to efficiently compute the value of A^4 + B^4.

Understanding the Problem

The problem at hand is to calculate the sum of the fourth powers of two given integers, A and B. This can be stated as A^4 + B^4. A naive approach to solving this problem would involve directly computing the fourth power of A and B individually and then adding them together. However, this approach is not optimal and can be significantly improved upon using a more efficient algorithm.

Efficient Algorithm

To calculate A^4 + B^4 more efficiently, we can leverage the following mathematical identities:

  1. (a + b)^2 = a^2 + 2ab + b^2
  2. (a – b)^2 = a^2 – 2ab + b^2

Now, let’s express A^4 + B^4 in terms of the above identities:

A^4 + B^4 = (A^2 + B^2)^2 – 2A^2B^2

This formula allows us to compute A^4 + B^4 in a more optimized manner by first calculating A^2 + B^2, squaring the result, and then subtracting 2 times the product of A^2 and B^2.

Algorithm Steps

  1. Calculate A^2 and B^2
  2. Compute (A^2 + B^2)
  3. Square the result obtained in step 2 to get (A^2 + B^2)^2
  4. Calculate 2A^2B^2
  5. Subtract 2A^2B^2 from (A^2 + B^2)^2 to obtain A^4 + B^4

Python Implementation

def calculate_sum_of_fourth_powers(A, B):
A_square = A2
B_square = B
sum_squares = (A_square + B_square)
result = sum_squares2 – 2A_squareB_square
return result

Example Usage

A = 3
B = 4
result = calculate_sum_of_fourth_powers(A, B)
print(result) # Output: 169

Complexity Analysis

The time complexity of this algorithm is O(1) since all the operations involve simple arithmetic calculations. The algorithm is highly efficient and suitable for calculating the sum of fourth powers of integers.


Efficient algorithms are essential in the world of mathematics and computer science to solve problems in a timely manner. By leveraging mathematical identities and optimization techniques, we can devise algorithms like the one presented here for calculating A^4 + B^4. This algorithm not only provides a solution to the problem but does so with optimal efficiency.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is the significance of calculating A^4 + B^4?
    Calculating A^4 + B^4 may arise in various mathematical and computational contexts, such as in optimization problems or numerical simulations.

  2. Can this algorithm be extended to calculate higher powers, such as A^5 + B^5?
    Yes, similar principles can be applied to calculate higher powers by generalizing the formula and adapting the algorithm accordingly.

  3. Is there a limit to the size of integers A and B that can be used with this algorithm?
    The algorithm can handle integers of a reasonable size without encountering computational limitations.

  4. How does this algorithm compare to brute-force computation in terms of efficiency?
    The proposed algorithm is significantly more efficient than brute-force computation, especially for larger values of A and B.

  5. Are there alternative approaches to calculating A^4 + B^4?
    While this algorithm is quite efficient, there may be other mathematical techniques or optimizations that can also be employed for this calculation.


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