Gatta Kusthi Tamil Movie Download Guide


If you are a fan of Tamil cinema, you may have come across the term “Gatta Kusthi” and are interested in knowing more about it. “Gatta Kusthi” is a 2019 Tamil movie directed by Naresh Sampath. The film features newcomer Ram Saravana, Anu Krishna, and Manikandan in lead roles. As with many Tamil movies, “Gatta Kusthi” has garnered interest among audiences not only in India but also among Tamil movie enthusiasts worldwide.

In this guide, we will delve into various aspects of the movie, including its plot, cast, reception, and how and where to download it. Let’s explore more about “Gatta Kusthi” in detail.

Plot Summary

The movie “Gatta Kusthi” revolves around the sport of traditional Indian wrestling, also known as Kusthi. The story follows the journey of a young wrestler, played by Ram Saravana, who dreams of making it big in the world of wrestling. He faces numerous challenges and obstacles along the way, including rivalries, personal struggles, and societal pressures. Through his determination and perseverance, he strives to achieve success in the competitive world of Kusthi.

Cast and Crew

  • Ram Saravana as the protagonist
  • Anu Krishna
  • Manikandan
  • Other supporting actors

Directed by Naresh Sampath, “Gatta Kusthi” showcases the talents of both seasoned actors and newcomers, bringing a fresh take on the sports drama genre in Tamil cinema.


Upon its release, “Gatta Kusthi” received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. While some praised the performances and the portrayal of the sport of Kusthi, others felt that the movie lacked depth in terms of storytelling and character development. Despite the mixed reviews, the movie managed to create a buzz among Tamil movie enthusiasts, especially those interested in sports dramas.

How to Download “Gatta Kusthi”

For those eager to watch or download “Gatta Kusthi,” it is important to consider legal and ethical ways to access the movie. Here are some options to watch or download the movie:

1. Streaming Platforms

One of the easiest and legal ways to watch “Gatta Kusthi” is through popular streaming platforms that offer Tamil movies. Platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, and ZEE5 may have the movie available for streaming. Subscribing to these platforms allows you to watch a wide range of Tamil movies, including “Gatta Kusthi.”

2. Official Websites

Sometimes, filmmakers release their movies on official websites for online viewing or download. Keep an eye on the official website or social media pages of the movie “Gatta Kusthi” for any announcements regarding its availability for download.

3. DVD or Blu-ray

If you prefer physical copies of movies, you can also look for the DVD or Blu-ray release of “Gatta Kusthi.” Check with local stores or online retailers for the availability of the movie in physical format.

4. Film Festivals or Special Screenings

Occasionally, filmmakers showcase their movies at film festivals or organize special screenings. Keep an eye on such events to catch a screening of “Gatta Kusthi” and enjoy the movie on the big screen.

5. Legal Download Platforms

There are specific legal download platforms that offer movies for a price. You can explore these platforms to see if “Gatta Kusthi” is available for download at a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about “Gatta Kusthi”:

Q1: What genre does “Gatta Kusthi” belong to?

A: “Gatta Kusthi” is a Tamil sports drama film that revolves around the sport of traditional Indian wrestling.

Q2: Is “Gatta Kusthi” available with English subtitles?

A: Depending on the platform or format, “Gatta Kusthi” may be available with English subtitles for non-Tamil speakers.

Q3: Who is the director of “Gatta Kusthi”?

A: The movie “Gatta Kusthi” is directed by Naresh Sampath.

Q4: Can I watch “Gatta Kusthi” for free online?

A: While some platforms may offer a free trial for streaming services, it’s important to choose legal and ethical options to watch or download “Gatta Kusthi.”

Q5: Are there any sequels or prequels to “Gatta Kusthi”?

A: As of now, there are no announced sequels or prequels to “Gatta Kusthi.” The movie stands as a standalone sports drama film.

In conclusion, “Gatta Kusthi” presents an engaging narrative centered around the world of traditional Indian wrestling, offering audiences a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of a young wrestler. Whether you choose to stream, download, or watch it on the big screen, the movie captures the essence of sports drama in Tamil cinema. Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming Tamil movies and immerse yourself in the diverse world of Indian cinema.


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