How can CBD fight anxiety?


CBD is a molecule naturally present in hemp, known for its numerous health benefits.

But it’s not therapeutic cannabis because it contains THC, which is not the case with hemp. The difference? Cannabis is considered a “narcotic” in many countries, as it is also the case with our neighbour: France. The fault of this status is the THC, which is psychoactive and gives consumers a “high”.

Whereas hemp contains only a small amount of THC (less than 0.3%) to be considered legal for consumption in France, it contains a good CBD dose. CBD, or cannabidiol for those who don’t yet know its full name, has no known harmful side effects and has therefore been attracting the attention of scientists and consumers for several years.

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About CBD

It can be found in various forms, such as:

  • Dried flowers,
  • Oils
  • Or even capsules
  • Creams, etc.

CBD is effective against chronic pain, depression, specific skin problems and insomnia. But one of its most popular effects is its potential action on anxiety states. Anxiety and its disorders affect about 1 in 13 people worldwide, making it one of the most widespread mental disorders!

CBD appears to be effective for many sufferers, from simple stress to chronic anxiety.

Today, research seems to corroborate the positive feedback from many consumers. So, CBD for anxiety, how does it work?

What is anxiety?

We all know about stress. Whether before taking a school exam, getting up on stage in front of dozens of people or just because we’re not sure we locked the door when we left, our bodies and minds naturally react to our loss of control in many situations.

In short, stress is valuable and essential to our survival, allowing our bodies to adapt to dangerous situations.

We then have behaviours that aim to regain control of the situation we are experiencing.

Suppose we take the stressful situation of taking an exam. To counteract this stress, we will prepare for the exam by rehearsing the oral exam or by thoroughly revising the subject.

But unfortunately, in some people, the stress signals are out of tune, and their mental and physical responses are inappropriate. Talking to someone on the phone becomes a mountain. The simple idea of taking an oral exam causes panic several months before the fateful date. This is known as an anxiety disorder and can range from social phobia to paranoia to post-traumatic shock.

Symptoms of anxiety

Restless hands, excessive sweating, a heart that beats too fast, shortness of breath, difficulty concentrating, tense muscles… These are all symptoms that indicate an anxious state. Unfortunately, for people suffering from chronic anxiety, this is a real problem in their daily lives, which can have consequences in their work or social relationships…

CBD versus current treatments

Many treatments exist, but they sometimes have side effects that are difficult to bear.

For example, some treatments that are part of the benzodiazepine category will produce an addiction, as with Xanax or Valium. Some others may be ineffective, depending on the patient.

It is also possible that a patient may refuse to take medication for their anxiety disorder (categorised as a mental disorder) because the idea of taking medication is taboo, which may hinder them from seeking help from a specialist.

In this context, CBD could be an ally of choice! With no undesirable side effects, it is a natural product that acts quickly and has enormous therapeutic potential. It is not a drug but a supplement, an alternative that could help people who have not yet found an effective solution to their anxiety.

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